Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump win big:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton carved out dominant positions in their party nominating races on Super Tuesday, marching ever closer to a scorched-earth general election clash.

Trump swamped his rivals by piling up seven wins across the nation, demonstrating broad appeal for his anti-establishment movement. Clinton also had a strong night, winning seven states and showing her strength with minorities in the South.

Trump won across the conservative South in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, but also captured more moderate Massachusetts and Vermont. Results are not yet in for Alaska.

Dashcam Video Shows Toddler Tumbling From Minivan:

It looks like a nightmare in the making, caught on video — a dashcam shows the tiny figure of a child tumbling from the back of a moving minivan onto the unyielding pavement of a bustling thoroughfare in China.

The child, no doubt dazed and bewildered after his sudden fall from his grandfather’s vehicle, stumbles helplessly after the minivan as it pulls away. Desperately alone in the chaos and danger of oncoming traffic is a 2-year-old boy.

But the people in the car whose dashcam caught the child’s fall stopped and got the boy to safety. Another driver chased and stopped the grandfather, identified in Chinese media as Yang Defu.

8 Professions That Could Hurt Your Heart (And Make You Fat):

Some people blame their sweet tooth, some blame their couch potato lifestyle, but now something else may be to blame for what’s hurting your heart (and/or making you fat): your job.

Scientists presenting their work at the American Heart Association conference on Tuesday found that people in some professions tend to have less healthy habits than others.

To figure this out, researchers looked at seven health habits of 5,566 people over age 45 who did not have a history of heart disease or stroke. Known as “Life’s Simple 7” they include blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, fitness levels, diet, smoking and obesity. Here are eight professions that seem to be a challenge for your heart (and your waistline).

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