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Let’s get a couple of things out-of-the-way … When you appear on TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, please get your facts straight and know that Martin “don’t fear nobody but Jesus.”

Now we can proceed forward with today’s very interesting dialogue between Martin and Trump supporters Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, otherwise known as “Diamond and Silk.

The dynamic duo, who “Stump for Trump,” appeared on Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now to share why they have decided to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Hardaway, aka Diamond, explained they are proponents of Trump because, “First he wants to secure the borders, so that means he wants to keep America safe.”

She continued, “He wants to bring back opportunities where people are thriving again, he wants to bring our jobs back and he wants to bring back spirit — that means he wants to bring back unity, that means he want to unite our country — that’s why we’re supporting Donald Trump.”

Martin asked duo what specific plan Trump has to return jobs to America. Hardaway responded saying, “His specifics is this — ‘I’m going to renegotiate these trade deals to bring our jobs back home. I’m going to lower these corporate taxes so our jobs can stay home.’”

Martin then challenged Hardaway’s statement, asking how Trump can lower taxes if Congress has to approve it. The NewsOne Now host also reminded the “2 Trump Girls,” that despite GOP control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, corporate taxes have yet to be lowered.

Hardaway responded, “That’s why you have to have a good negotiator up there. Someone that knows how to negotiate, so that you can get the job done.”

Things quickly got out of hand when Martin challenged the women to address the presidential candidate’s use of inflammatory rhetoric about illegal Mexican immigrants, banning Muslims from entering the United States, and his attacks against women.

Martin’s challenge prompted Hardaway to blame the media: “See what the media do — what you all do — is this: when you all fear somebody, you smear them, so you take their words and you twist them and you try to put in minds of the American people that something is wrong with the candidate that we want to go for.”

Martin interrupted their synchronized rebuttal and said, “One second, let’s be real clear: I deal in facts.”

Martin continued, “When you talk about the comments he (Donald Trump has made), the attacks he has made on women, his sexist history, how he even ridiculed Carly Fiorina, again what took place on Sunday, when he tried to blame it on an earpiece, even though he repeated every question from Jake Tapper — if he could not say on CNN, ‘Absolutely not, I will not accept any type of endorsement from David Duke of the KKK,’ and you’re saying he can unify the country — again, how?”

“If he can’t condemn the KKK, how can he even remotely unify our country?” asked Martin.

It was at this point that the interview deteriorated into another epic NewsOne Now exchange that played out in the video clip above.

Watch Martin, Lynette Hardaway, and Rochelle Richardson clash over Trump’s presidential campaign.

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