Harriet Tubman Will Be Face Of The $20:

Alexander Hamilton will stay on the front of the $10 bill, and Harriet Tubman will boot Andrew Jackson from the face of the $20.

After months of debate and controversy over how to incorporate a woman’s portrait onto the $10 bill, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced plans to redesign the $10, $20 and $5 bill. All three denominations will have a female presence.

The updated bills will also be the first in U.S. history to include a tactile feature to aid the blind.

Cities With Most Air Pollution Revealed:

Rough day at work? Step outside and take a deep breath — err, maybe not, depending on what city you’re in.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll probably want to step back inside the office. The sprawling California city is among the worst air pollution offenders in the United States, according to the American Lung Association.
On Wednesday, ALA released its 2016 State of Air report. The findings reveal more than 50% of Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of particle pollution, tiny solid and liquid particles floating around the air we breath, or ozone pollution, harmful gases that react to sunlight.


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Charges Against 3 In Flint Water Crisis ‘Only The Beginning’:

Criminal charges against three men in Michigan on Wednesday marked a milestone in a crisisthat’s been years in the making, potentially harmed tens of thousands of people and cast a harsh spotlight on infrastructure issues across the country.

Mike Glasgow, Stephen Busch and Mike Prysby could face years of prison time if they’re convicted. They’re the first government employees to face charges tied to the Flint water crisis.
But they shouldn’t be the last, according to residents of the city who had water contaminated with lead pumped into their homes.

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