The “Champ,” the one that my generation called, “The Greatest,” a boxer extraordinaire, social commentator, a hero to many, a bigger than life icon whose athletic prowess set an entirely new paradigm has passed away. I will always remember meeting him in Beverly Hills. He teasingly made as if he were boxing me in the ring! We both laughed, talked briefly and I blinked, and he was gone before I could say another word!

Muhammad Ali’s fearlessness showed not only in the ring but in his willingness to stand for what he believed in – no matter the cost. He stood tall, unafraid and unashamed of displaying his immense talents on the world’s largest stages.

He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee and laid out many an insurmountable foe. We won’t soon forget his cultural impact and importance at a time that heroes were in short supply.

In this time of sorrow, we pray for his wife, family and friends as well as the legions of fans around the world who mourn the passing of this historic figure. Sadly, we blinked and he was gone!

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