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Hillary Clinton Celebrates Victory, Sanders Fights On:

Hillary Clinton claimed her place in history Tuesday as America’s first female presumptive presidential nominee but rival Bernie Sanders is refusing to drop his bid despite overwhelming odds.

The former secretary of state immediately pivoted from her victory to a full bore assault on the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and made a sweeping effort to reach out to Sanders supporters in an attempt to unify Democrats

But hours after Clinton’s euphoric victory rally in Brooklyn, Sanders spoke before a roaring crowd of his own in California to declare “the struggle continues.”
The Vermont senator pledged to stay in the race through next week’s primary in Washington, D.C., and to fight on for social, economic, racial and environmental justice at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
But he did not specifically commit to pursuing his fight for the nomination at the convention, leaving his ultimate intentions unclear.

Outrage Over 6-Month Sentence For Brock Turner In Stanford Rape Case:

Widespread outrage has erupted over a California judge’s decision to give a former Stanford University swimmer a six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Critics are blasting the decision as far too lenient.

Prosecutors had asked that Brock Turner be sentenced to six years in prison for the January 2015 assault.
The controversial sentence was followed by the release of two dueling letters to the judge about the case that have been widely shared and sparked further outcry: one from the victim, who described her ordeal in 12 searing pages; and another from Turner’s father, who dismissed his son’s crime as “20 minutes of action.”

Pregnant ‘Today’ Anchor Savannah Guthrie Won’t Attend Olympics Because Of Zika:

The ‘Today’ anchor announced her pregnancy on Tuesday and said she won’t travel to Rio for NBC’s coverage of the Olympics because of concerns about Zika virus.

The disease, which is spread by mosquitos, has afflicted large areas of South America and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the games will be held this summer.

Zika has been linked to severe birth defects and microcephaly — abnormal brain development that causes a smaller than usual head size and intellectual disabilities.

“I’m not gonna be able to go to Rio,” Guthrie said. “The doctors say that we shouldn’t because of the CDC — because of the Zika virus. So I’ll miss it.”

U.S. Navy Bans Booze In Japan:

All U.S. Navy sailors in Japan are banned from drinking alcohol and restricted to base except for essential trips after several recent alcohol-related incidents which the Navy’s 7th Fleet said are harming U.S.-Japan relations.

“Effective immediately, sailors are prohibited from drinking alcohol, on and off base. Additionally, all off-base liberty will be curtailed,” a statement from the 7th Fleet and U.S. Naval Forces Japan said Monday.
“These measures are not taken lightly,” said Rear Adm. Matthew Carter, commander of Naval Forces Japan, said in the statement. “For decades, we have enjoyed a strong relationship with the people of Japan. It is imperative that each sailor understand how our actions affect that relationship, and the U.S.-Japan alliance as a whole.”
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