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Days after the tragic shooting in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, more and more details about the tragic and horrific incident are coming out as survivors of this massacre are sharing their accounts of that night. Patience Carter, one of the women shot during the attack said that the gunman, 29-year-old Omar Mateen, told her and other victims hiding in the bathroom that he did not “have a problem with Black people.” He thought they “have suffered enough.”Sateen said instead that he was doing this to “get America to stop bombing his country.”

According to Carter, she and her friends were waiting on an Uber home when they heard the first shots. She didn’t realize what was happening at first but began crawling toward the exit and eventually made it outside. When she got out there, she realized her cousin was missing and went back inside to get her.

Orlando Gunman Tried Not To Target Black People, Saying Black People Had Suffered Enough

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