Tamir Rice and Samaria Rice

Source: (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) / Getty

On Saturday it was exactly19 months since Tamir Rice shot outside Cudell community center. Saturday would have also been Tamir’s 14th birthday.

His family did not plan a community celebration in his honor but they did issue a statement. The family is still seeking a federal investigation from the Department of Justice.

“I, Samaria Rice, want the people to remember Tamir’s birthday is Saturday and he will be turning 14 years old. I’m not going to have an event this year. This has been an emotional journey for my family and me. I’m still seeking justice from the Department of Justice through a federal indictment of the two officers for the murder of my son. I see the unity in the city for a basketball win that was a long time coming. I wish my son was here to see it. It’s a shame we can’t show unity for racial problems in the city of Cleveland and in America”.


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