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A healthy working environment makes all the difference in your 9-5. You spend more time at work than at home. Having that one coworker that rubs you the wrong way can make an 8-hour shift seem like an eternity. Here are the types of coworkers we wish we’d never met — and the types you want to make sure you avoid becoming.

She sucks up to leadership

No matter what, she’s going to find a way to get up close and personal with the management team. At every turn, she’s “skinning and grinning” in the boss’ face, trying to gain more brownie points. She’s a snitch, and you have to watch your back. You just want to do your work and get paid, and couldn’t care less about buddying up to leadership. In her mind, the more she sucks up, the better her chances at landing a promotion, raise, or some other perk. You are very tickled by her antics because you have insider knowledge that even management views her as a pest.

Not doing her share

You really thought group work would be a thing of the past once you graduated—but oh no. Here you are stuck in the conference room as your coworker spews her grandiose ideas for projects when she knows she’ll never contribute. When the deadline is fast approaching, something always happens–her cat gets pneumonia, she books a vacation, or something “other worldly” happens. You can’t believe she’s done it again, and you’re left doing most of the work. It never fails that when it’s time for accolades, she’s front and center. Secretly, you laugh to avoid crying or worse.

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