A Man was driving in Pasco County, Florida, one day when he saw something suspicious near a building. When he came in for a closer inspection, he realized that there were two young boys alone by themselves. Wearing only diapers, these boys were filthy from sitting on the trash.

Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal knew about these little boys. In fact, these little boys were brothers. Their family was homeless, and they always showed up to Pastor Ronnie’s Refuge Church in order to eat at the soup kitchen. Krystal recalls seeing the family,

“Our hearts were breaking as evening came, along with storm clouds. We began imagining the night these boys were about to have as we were getting ready to go home to a warm, dry house.”

Pastor Ronnie and Krystal knew that they couldn’t just let these boys suffer. So one day, they convinced the boy’s parents to let them take the boys back to their place, where Pastor Ronnie and Krystal took care of them as best they could. Although Pastor Ronnie and Krystal already had three children, they were more than happy to take care of two more.

That Sunday, however, everything changed. The boy’s parents came up to Pastor Ronnie and Krystal after service and asked them a question that left both Pastor Ronnie and Krystal stunned…

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