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Doctors say every year they are seeing more kids hurt by backpacks.

Too much weight is the biggest problem, especially when considering how long kids are carrying the backpacks around each day.

University Hospitals Sports Medicine Dr. Christopher Tangen, D.O., warns it can be serious if people are not careful.

“Back pain in children is extremely common,” Tangen said. “One of the first things we ask about is backpack usage … it can be a problem because if they aren’t preventing injury, they’re not stretching and strengthening, it can be a chronic issue.”

So here are some guidelines he says to keep top of mind:

-The backpack should not exceed 10 percent of the child’s body weight

-If you see your child leaning forward or backward, there’s a problem

-The heavy items should be centered and the closest to the body

-Both straps should be worn all the time.

If your child complains of back pain for more than a couple days, it’s advised you take them to the doctor.

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