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The Cleveland Teachers Union has given notice its intent to strike Monday evening.

District and union officials haven’t reached an agreement with a contract, which expired June 30.

The announcement comes as students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District headed back to class Monday.

District spokesmember Roseanna Canfora said the union has authorized a strike.

We are disappointed to learn that the Executive Committee of the Cleveland Teachers Union has authorized a strike of its members.  The District and CTU have been in negotiations since November 2015 and have spent hundreds of hours in bargaining.  A significant number of items have been resolved, and only a few remain.  It is unfortunate, therefore, that the CTU has chosen to put its efforts toward a strike rather than working to resolve the few remaining items.

Nonetheless, the District is making preparations to minimize the impact on our 39,000 students.  The Board remains committed to resolving any remaining issues without eroding school reforms critical to meeting the goals of The Cleveland Plan.

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