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After that super crappy start to his trip to Asia over the weekend where President Obama was dissed/snubbed by the Chinese and cussed out by the Philippines president (Rodrigo Duterte), President Obama sure could use some good news and that’s just what we have to report.

It looks like the prez and the first lady are in for a $45 million payday from book deals after leaving the White House, according to a New York Times report.

The president, already an accomplished author with a bestselling memoir “Dreams From My Father,” could, together with his wife Michelle, land the biggest post-presidency book contracts in American history.

“His is going to be easily the most valuable presidential memoir ever,” Raphael Sagalyn of the ICM/Sagalyn Literary Agency told the Times.

Sagalyn told the Times that Obama could earn $30 million with a two- or three-book contract and said Michelle Obama “has the opportunity to sell the most valuable first lady memoir in history.”

But before you get too excited, the Times report also said the real figure for the Obama memoirs might be lower than the dollar signs imagined by enthusiastic literary agents.

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