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Thursday was a big day at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, a community charter school hosting about 340 students from Cleveland and inner ring suburbs..

It has less than two days to plan to host a campaign visit from Donald Trump.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to be highlighted in the community and for someone of his stature come visit us…It is a big honor,,,,When you look at the community and the population this school serves, why wouldn’t he choose this school? ”  asked Debroah Mays, the Regional V.P. for ACCEL Schools that manages a group of schools nationwide.

The Trump campaign rolled out a big, new urban education plan, vowing to spend $20 billion of repurposed federal money to give to help struggling inner city.

He claimed that, combined with state funding, 11 million students could be empowered to use the money to pick a school of their choice.

He said states would be offered incentives to participate and believed the program would help Ohio which has a big and controversial charter school program.

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