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Two years ago, Thomas Moore saw a video of a girl who had lost her hair due to cancer. He was so touched that he decided to grow out his hair and donate it to survivors like her. No, Thomas was not a college student or a man who had gone through something similar, Thomas was only a smiley-faced eight-year-old boy at the time.

But when he saw young Kyssi Andrews, he knew he needed to do something to help. The Maryland native decided to spend two years growing out his hair so he could cut it all off and donate it to kids battling cancer, according to Refinery29.

Amber Ray, the child’s aunt, told BuzzFeed that even though the process, which started shortly before his 8th birthday, was at times uncomfortable, Moore refused to give up. When he came close to letting his dream go, he and his family would “refocus on the reason for growing it,” according to Refinery29.

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