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The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in St. Louis was one for the history books. Catch up on all the highlights right here:

Energy and the environment

A town hall guests asks about energy policy — and how it might affect the environment.

Trump says “energy is under siege by the Obama administration” and that Clinton wants to put coal miners out of business. He says he will lift regulations in energy companies — and says little about the environment.

Clinton says Trump has put steelworkers out of business by buying steel that China has dumped in the United States. She says she would promote a variety of energy sources, including “clean energy” programs that can fight climate change.

— David Jackson

Supreme Court

An audience member asks about the Supreme Court.

Clinton says she wants justices “who understands the way the world really works.”

She says she wants the court to maintain abortion rights and marriage equality, while Trump backs judges who would reverse those rulings.

Trump noted that the next president will be able to change the court, starting with the replacement of deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. He talks about the importance of the Second Amendment.

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