via CNN: It was a great event last night as the final 7 Democratic candidates debates last night in California. CLICK HERE to read the full story

via News5: Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Councilman Zack Reed met in their first and only debate in their race for Cleveland mayor Thursday. The City Club back and forth was at times lively with both candidates focusing on the future. Jackson, who is seeking his fourth four-year term, said he’s running to finish what […]

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in St. Louis was one for the history books. Catch up on all the highlights right here: Energy and the environment A town hall guests asks about energy policy — and how it might affect the environment. Trump says “energy is under siege by the […]

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said Monday night that she will attend all three general election presidential debates and challenged her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, to do the same. “Secretary Clinton looks forward to participating in all three presidential debates scheduled by the independent debate commission,” John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, said in […]

Last week, R&B singer Tyrese was so moved by KlarKent’s new video for “Oh My God” that he shared his excitement on Instagram. While he said some of R&B’s biggest hit are derived from gospel, he also said how each of these artists influenced him and asked the question, “Is this gospel?” He seemed to be […]

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere — or so they say. And now, after competing press releases and months of negotiations, the two Democratic presidential candidates have their chance to show which one of them is ready to make it all the way to the White House. A political subway […]

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Writer Aliya S. King is found in a debate with her mom, Rita Moore King, over whether spanking is an acceptable form of punishment. aliya’s turn: Like many with mothers in my mom’s generation, my older brother, younger sister and I were spanked more than once. The offenses were usually one or […]


While some activists are frustrated with being denied a presidential debate, others are enthusiastic about the town hall’s more flexible (and possibly more fruitful) format…


Tuesday night’s highly anticipated Democratic debate brought burning questions to the five candidates who took the Las Vegas stage, but no one question held more…

It’s no secret, secular folk aren’t the only ones ‘winning’ in the reality TV game. With the help of shows like ‘Preachers of LA‘ and ‘The Sisterhood’ and ‘The Sheards’, Christians seem to be carving out their own lane with non-scripted TV. Media partner recently chatted with two very opinionated reality TV stars who have done their […]

  It was a two-on-two verbal showdown at the City Club, Backers of renewing the sin tax took on its critics. City Council President Kevin Kelley and Cavs and Q President Len Komoroski made the case for the tax. Lawyer Peter Pattakos of the Coalition Against the Sin Tax teamed with skyped-in Neil deMause. DeMause […]

  One week after being convicted of drunk driving, Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed was forced to defend himself in a debate, Tuesday night. Reed faces three challengers in his bid for re-election. One of those challengers, Marcus Henley, wasted no time before mentioning Reed’s three drunk driving convictions since 2005. “I have no criminal history. […]