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Although America has come a long way when it comes to sexuality, certain communities still aren’t as open as others.

B. Slade, formerly known as gospel singer Tonéx, learned that the hard way when he came out as gay and was greatly criticized by members of the Black church. Now, Slade caused the internet to erupt after releasing a song entitled “Conversation,” in which he slams members of the Black church who shame him because of his sexuality.

On the track, which was recorded over Beyoncé‘s “Formation” instrumental, the singer addresses those who criticized his sexuality, and more specifically his attire during a recent performance at the Love Center Church in Oakland, California.

Slade raps, “Y’all haters corny with that ‘He needs deliverance’/check out your choir stand/They all need deliverance. Attack my character/But Half of y’all Closeted. Alto’s sleeping with the drummer now she back at the altar/alto’s sleeping with the bass player/now she back at the altar/Pastors trying to get my number in the lobby right after/you don’t know the price that I paid for my box of Alabaster.”

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