Although America has come a long way when it comes to sexuality, certain communities still aren’t as open as others. B. Slade, formerly known as gospel singer Tonéx, learned that the hard way when he came out as gay and was greatly criticized by members of the Black church. Now, Slade caused the internet to erupt after […]

Michael Sam was the first openly gay player to be drafted by the National Football League in 2014. Though he never actually played in an official NFL regular season game after leaving the University of Missouri, Sam helped pave the way for the LGBT community in professional sports. In a soon-to-be released interview in Attitude Magazine, Michael Sam discussed his feelings about […]

CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller expressed his network’s commitment to diversity during a recent TV critics meeting by offering himself up as the epitome of diversification. Geller was quoted as saying, “I’m diverse, I fall into the LBGT category. I’m just a gay guy from Indiana who doesn’t play basketball. I mentioned my husband earlier, because I want to […]

With the help of spiritual life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, two pastors will come out to their congregations and identify their sexuality. The two men take bold steps towards confessing their truth after years of keeping their sexuality a secret from those closest to them. The epidemic of cheating pastors comes to the small screen this […]

BET’s Entertainment Editor Clay Cane is tackling homophobia in the black church in a new documentary called Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church. The film follows black people who are torn between identifying as LGBT and following their faith, in cultures that are often antagonistic toward people like them. In going […]

For many Black children born in the 1980s, Ben Carson is a hero. He is, as BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson describes in a well-done profile about…

A new report says mainstream Gay organizations are ignoring minority LGBT concerns and issues. Roland Martin talks with Jasmyne Cannick, Cleo Manago and Terrance Laney about minorities…

Controversy is swirling around former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino upon the release of two of her most recent tweets speaking negatively about homosexuality and the legalization of weed. She states: “I am a Christian first…person second. I believe in the Bible and have to use my spirit of discernment. Gay is a sin. Sin is a […]

  Shock followed by disappointment. This best describes the feelings of a collective group of conservative Christians across America following 53-year-old Good Morning America anchor, Robin Roberts’ coming out as gay on Facebook in December 2013. While reactions have been mixed—some supportive, some not—when it comes to those who do not agree, the popular media personality’s response is, “I […]

Yolanda Adams gets questions about how to show love to gay family members rather frequently. It’s still a question that she doesn’t quite understand. Listen to…


  AKRON, Ohio – Eric Morrison and Scott Kenimond say they saw Cedar Point’s contest on its OnPoint blog: 13 couples to get married during September’s Friday…

A Charlotte pastor used a four-letter gay slur to refer to professional basketball player Jason Collins, who announced this week that he is gay. The pastor, Dr. Michael Stevens, is the head of the University City Church. Tuesday, he admitted posting a comment on the internet critical of President Obama, who came out in support of Collins. The […]