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In the final full week of campaigning for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both candidates are setting their sights on key battleground states.

In the latest NBC News analysis of early voting, more Democratic-affiliated voters have voted than Republican-affiliated voters in nine out of 12 battleground states.

In North Carolina, Clinton holds a six-point advantage over Trump, despite Republicans’ attempts to suppress the vote of African-Americans, where voters have waited up to four hours to cast their ballots.

Congresswoman Alma Adams told Roland Martin on Monday morning that despite the GOP’s attempt to disenfranchise Black voters, “People are really excited about voting” and intend to win the battle for North Carolina.

In speaking about the “onerous” voter suppression tactics instituted by the GOP, Martin told his panel of guests, “…What Republicans have done in North Carolina is utterly shameful.”

Eugene Craig, III, Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, said Republican efforts to suppress the vote are “indefensible.”

“What happened in North Carolina with this last voting debacle should not happen in any state and I believe the right to vote should be unabridged and free and very readily accessible to folk,” said Craig.

Jessica Byrd, Principal of Three Point Strategies, called Republican claims of a rigged election “silly” because, “If we believed that the election could be rigged, then what we would do is try to create access and pathways to as many people to vote as possible by eliminating all of this voter suppression.”

She continued, “It’s not that Republicans actually believe that the election is rigged, it’s they believe that they’re losing.”

Spencer Overton, President of the Joint Center For Political and Economic Studies, shared that the African-American vote is down in Georgia and North Carolina in comparison to 2012. Expressing concern over the level of Black voter turnout, Overton asked, “How do we get folks out and get that turnout up?”

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of the Color of Change, cited a study that questioned why African-Americans are willing to stand in long lines to vote and explained the attacks on President Barack Obama and on the right to vote brings out a “fight-back spirit” in the Black community.

“Folks are trying to hold us back and this is a moment where we’ve got to push forward,” said Robinson.


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