Over the past few weeks, T.D. Jakes has emerged as the voice of a broken nation – offering advice on how to bring all people together across party lines to work toward the greater good for our nation.

His passion for a unified country can be seen through his conversations with guests from all walks of life, engaging in meaningful dialogue and asking the tough questions that need to be asked.

On today’s episode of “T.D. JAKES,” held in a town hall style, Jakes listens to Republicans, Democrats and Independents – women and men across races and religions. Encouraging audience engagement and conversation, Jakes uncovers what drew individuals to President Elect Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, what each fears most, and most importantly how to begin to move forward as a UNIFIED community. We are AMERICANS and we must continue to uphold the morals that founded this country – something has fundamentally shifted and it’s bigger than this election, but not bigger than us: we can overcome!

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