Which camp are you in?

Camp One: Preserve the city’s freshly beautified, prime real estate of Public Square and keep traffic out of it.  Supporters say it would attract more people downtown to use it and spend money nearby.


Camp Two:  Keep the original plan, which calls for Superior Avenue to run through Public Square, most fluidly using valuable city roadway to move around 40-thousand bus patrons a day?

Tuesday night Mayor Jackson made it clear – he’s in Camp One.

“People’s input was — maybe it would be nice if there was no traffic on Public Square at all,” Jackson told reporters in a late day, hastily scheduled press conference.

So, the city is petitioning the Federal Transit Administration to green light their proposal to close the road to all traffic.

Superior was supposed to open to all traffic in August, but the city delayed the opening of Superior until reaching a final decision.

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