Public Square

via News5: Cleveland fire is investigating multiple exploding manhole covers around Public Square and sections of downtown. The first explosion was reported around 5:30 p.m. in a manhole on West 2nd Street. Pressure from the explosion blew off the manhole cover. It is unknown what is causing the issue. Crews from Cleveland Fire along with FirstEnergy are […]

via News5: It’s one of the main pathways to get to the pride and joy of Downtown Cleveland — the condition of one sidewalk just steps away from Public Square is creating concern. Those who navigate the city on foot are getting fed up. They say not only is the stretch of West Superior Avenue an […]

via Wkyc: A group of about 200 people gathered in Public Square Sunday evening to stand in solidarity with the counter-protesters and victims in Charlottesville, Virginia This event was hosted by Action Together Lakewood Area, Indivisible CLE and the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus. t was organized as a stand against hate and violence. Participants were […]

‘American Ninja Warrior’ here in Public Square has already drawn thousands of visitors but Tuesday night, a very special family stopped by. Three-time NBA champion LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his family were at ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and took in the sights. They met with American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman and also toured […]

It’s open! Before sunrise Monday, RTA buses began rolling through Superior Avenue once again in Public Square. It was the first time in months that public transit was available in the area. RTA initially owed $12 million it had received with the intent to open bus routes through Public Square. The Federal Transit Authority claimed that […]

RTA bus routes through Public Square will re-open Monday, RTA announced Thursday. Four bus routes will make stops on Superior Avenue, which has been closed to traffic for months. Those routes are the 3, 26, 38 and 81 CLICK HERE to read story source:

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has received a two-week extension to open Public Square to buses. Last Friday, a letter was sent to RTA CEO Joe Calabrese from the Federal Transit Administration granting RTA until March 7 to reopen Superior Avenue to Public Square to buses. RTA initially owed $12 million it had received with […]

The city of Cleveland and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will conduct a traffic study in Public Square this week to determine the effect of closing Superior Avenue to buses. Public Square has been the subject of controversy since its reopening in August of 2016, when the city made the decision to keep Superior Avenue closed to buses. In […]

Which camp are you in? Camp One: Preserve the city’s freshly beautified, prime real estate of Public Square and keep traffic out of it.  Supporters say it would attract more people downtown to use it and spend money nearby. OR Camp Two:  Keep the original plan, which calls for Superior Avenue to run through Public […]

Cleveland’s public square is public once again. Fifty million dollars in renovations are now complete. Following a dedication on Thursday, the Shaw High School band played as children danced in the square’s new fountains. Performers on stilts and dancers in hula hoops entertained crowds. Mitchell’s handed out free ice cream and Rebol, the new restaurant […]

Cleveland’s renovated Public Square is almost ready for its debut. And it’s just in time for the Republican National Convention that’s just three weeks away. The city is planning to hold a rededication ceremony on Thursday to show off the $50 million project in the heart of Cleveland’s downtown. Improvements include increasing the square’s green […]

Public Square is open. The makeover began in March 2015 and it is now complete. The square underwent a $32M transformation project. The square was made over with green spaces, fountains and a space called KeyBank Promenade. About 60,000 people travel through the square. The goal was to turn the square into a walkable pedestrian park […]