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If the truth be told, prayer is hard work. Although all serious Christians recognize the importance that the Bible places on prayer, most fall short when it comes to doing it. I must confess that it is a lot easier for me as a pastor to preach about prayer than to spend that same amount of time engaged in it.

Even when there is a determi­nation to pray, distractions seem to always show up. The mind wanders, people interrupt, and I, like you, often fall asleep early in the process. We feel guilty and commit to do better, but after a while fall back into the same old struggle of neglect or routine prayers.

This naturally raises the question: Why is something so strategic to the Christian life, our relationship with God and victory in life such a challenge? The answer is that prayer links us to a realm we are unfamiliar navigating. Paul calls it “heavenly places.” Prayer is the God-given communication link between heaven and earth, time and eternity, the finite and the infinite.

Prayer is God’s back­stage pass into a personal audience with Him. Thus the enemy, not wanting us to make contact, seeks to divert our belief, confi­dence, determination and practice of prayer. Prayer, unlike anything else, grants us legitimate authority to invoke heaven into history, so that God is welcomed into our affairs.

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