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The city of Cleveland and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will conduct a traffic study in Public Square this week to determine the effect of closing Superior Avenue to buses.

Public Square has been the subject of controversy since its reopening in August of 2016, when the city made the decision to keep Superior Avenue closed to buses. In late December, the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) sent a letter demanding $12 million from the RTA for what they say is a breach of an agreement between the two related to the closure’s negative effects on riders.

Mayor Frank Jackson cited terrorism concerns as the primary reason for keeping Public Square closed, and said that it should remain as such until the RTA develops a “risk mitigation plan.” However, critics of the plan have said that it has a negative effect on riders and taxpayers.

This week’s traffic study is designed to assess if the closure of Superior Avenue is causing any delays, and, if so, what strategies the city can take to mitigate them. The city will conduct a traffic count at key intersections around Public Square.

The city has until Jan. 19 to either repay the FTA’s grants or appeal their decision.



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