It can be difficult to always get your cancer-fighting nutrients from home-cooked meals every day. That requires countless hours of meal prep and standing over a hot stove on top of your already busy schedule or body fatigue from your cancer treatment.

There’s an easier way to get all the delicious and healthy anti-cancer properties that you need to keep your immune system going against the disease. The answer lies in smoothies.

The combination of fruits and vegetables mixed into a cool, refreshing and colorful drink is a less time-consuming way of making sure your body is getting all the antioxidants and other anti-cancer things necessary to combat cancer.

Try these tips to make the perfect smoothie to attack your cancer.

2 cups of a decaffeinated liquid:

This is good for keeping hydrated. Options include filtered water for milder smoothies, coconut water for a good source of electrolytes, almond milk for a silky texture that’s low in calories and caffeine, 100-percent fruit juice for flavor or low-fat milk for added proteins.

1 cup of a mildly sweet fruit that’s rich in fiber:

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