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According to the CDC, more high school students in Cleveland are attempting to take their own lives, than in any other American city.

Two out of every ten high school student enrolled in Cleveland Metropolitan Schools, according to the CDC, tried to kill themselves in 2015. Twenty percent of the CMSD high school population is suicidal; one of the highest numbers in the United States.

“It is not surprising, considering the environment in our urban setting, but it’s always alarming,” said CMSD Psychologist, Bill Stencil.

In the school district with the nation’s second-highest poverty rate and with nearly 4,000 homeless students, administrators at Cleveland Metropolitan Schools can’t say they’re surprised that the CDC reports, two out of every ten high school student there, have tried to kill themselves.

“High areas of poverty also have the stressors that go along with it, which may lend themselves to contemplating suicide, or actually attempting,” said Stencil.

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