There’s sugar in just about everything in the American diet – bread, desserts, juice and fruit, among a long list of other foods. If you’re living with diabetes, sugar seems almost unavoidable while trying to create a diet suitable for healthy glucose levels.

But ridding your daily diet of unnecessary sugars is not impossible. In fact, it’s achievable if you ditch the diet mentality, according to nutrition expert Constance Brown-Riggs.

Most people fail at diet and lifestyle resolutions because they associate ‘a diet’ with deprivation and take an all-or-nothing approach,” Brown-Riggs wrote on her website. “Adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to mean deprivation or struggle – not if you take the right approach.”

The right approach, she says, includes finding joy in exercise, making gradual health changes instead of big leaps and still eating the foods you love but in moderation.

It can be hard to apply this mentality to a sugar detox because, yes, sugar is quite addicting. Your body may start to crave the sweet stuff once you start cutting added sugars from your diet, creating that feeling of deprivation for a few days.

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