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Aaron Hernandez Found Dead Near 3 Handwritten Notes:

Investigators officially ruled Aaron Hernandez’s death a suicide and released new details about the circumstances of his hanging on Thursday.

In particular, investigators found three handwritten notes next to a Bible in the prison cell. It was not immediately clear what those notes said.
That information comes from a joint statement from Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr., Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Col. Richard McKeon, and Secretary of Public Safety Daniel Bennett.
Hernandez’s died early Wednesday morning after he hanged himself by a bedsheet in his prison cell, the Massachusetts Department of Correction said. The former tight end for the New England Patriots had been serving a life sentence without parole after being convicted in the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

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Russia Flexes Muscle From Alaska To Japan:

US defense officials are calling recent sightings of Russian bombers off the Alaskan coast “nothing out of the ordinary” — itself an indication that both nations are toeing the line between routine military posturing and escalating provocation.

On Monday, US F-22 fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers in international airspace 100 miles from Kodiak Island, Alaska. A US military official called the interaction “safe and professional.

A 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola Classic contains 65 grams of sugar, which is the same amount of sugar found in five Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

Diet Sodas May Be Tied To Stroke, Dementia Risk:

Gulping down an artificially sweetened beverage not only may be associated with health risks for your body, but also possibly your brain, a new study suggests.

Artificially sweetened drinks, such as diet sodas, were tied to a higher risk of stroke and dementia in the study, which published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke on Thursday.
The study sheds light only on an association, as the researchers were unable to determine an actual cause-and-effect relationship between sipping artificially sweetened drinks and an increased risk for stroke and dementia. Therefore, some experts caution that the findings should be interpreted carefully.

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Even Oprah Gets Intimidated:

Believe it or not, Oprah Winfrey gets nervous.

“I didn’t want to take on this role,” Winfrey told CNN at New York premiere of her new HBO film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” “I was intimidated by it. I was nervous. I just didn’t know if I could do it.”
Based on a 2010 best-selling book, “Henrietta Lacks” tells the story of a woman being treated for cancer, whose cells were taken without consent in 1951 and used in research for decades — unbeknownst to her family. Winfrey stars as Henrietta’s daughter Deborah Lacks.

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‘I’m Glad This Is Over’: Tenn. Teacher Accused Of Abducting Girl Nabbed In Calif.:

After five weeks on the run, a Tennessee teacher who kidnapped and fled with his 15-year-old student was arrested Thursday deep in the mountains of northern California, authorities said.

“I’m glad this is over,” 50-year-old Tad Cummins said after his arrest, according to Siskiyou County sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Gilley.
Elizabeth Thomas was found safe in a remote cabin in Cecilville, northwest of Redding. The pair spent one night in the cabin before the arrest, but they may have been in the area for about a week, Gilley said.
The cabin’s caretaker alerted law enforcement to their presence and helped them hatch a plan to draw Cummins from the residence unarmed and without Thomas, the cabin’s owner told CNN.

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source: CNN.com

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