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Mornings are critical. They set the pace for your day and usually set the mood as well. There’s nothing like waking up refreshed and ready for your day to start.  But wait…there’s something you’re missing. Before you just jump on into your day, you could be making some critical errors that affect your health for the rest of the day, the week and months to come!

Mistake 1: You hit the ground running.

You jump out of bed ready to face the day head-on. Many of us think that’s the best way to do it: attack the day and you’ll get more done. The problem is that you may be demanding too much from your back muscles when you just jump up out of the bed, which are often stiff from a long night of resting in one place, says Robert D. Oexman, MBA, DC, a sleep and chiropractic expert and director of the Sleep to Live Institute. Move too quickly and your muscles may spasm and put you at risk for lower back pain or even a slipped or ruptured disk. Another reason to get up slowly: When we stand after lying down for hours, the blood rushes to the legs, and this can cause a lightheaded feeling that puts us at risk for a stumble. This effect, called orthostatic hypotension, is especially common in women, says Alan Hilibrand, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon and spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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