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A few Sunday’s ago we celebrated Resurrection Sunday. People have many different traditions that they partake in during this time each year but I think overall most of us will agree that it’s a very special time for Christians.

It’s a time that many of us reflect on just how much God really loves us. He loves us so much that He sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins. Someone who had never sinned took the hit for the entire world. As a parent, it’s very hard for me to even consider such a sacrifice … but God.

During our reflections this season, some of us cried, some continuously praised God all weekend, some may have even re-committed their lives to Christ.

We love to hear the story of our Risen Savior and what it means for each of us. We meditate on those scriptures and sing numerous songs that fill our hearts with joy about God’s grace and mercy.

But now that the joyous celebratory weekend is over, I have to ask … now what?

Are you going back to life as usual?

You know exactly what I mean … the last few days even the closet Christians let their “light” shine a little. Are you going to now store it away until next year when the Resurrection Sunday cycle starts again? Or will you look for opportunities to share Christ with those around you?

Are you going to fall back into a rut of a defeated state of mind, focusing on what is not right in your life or are you going to make that shift and accentuate the positive?

Are you going to lose heart and faith because the circumstances or situations in your life right now look bleak or will you stand on the promises of God that you are an overcomer?

Are you going to return to the thoughts and actions that you “nailed to the cross” this weekend – or truly walk in your repentance, striving to keep all of God’s mandates?

Let’s not turn Resurrection Sunday into an external show; let’s make sure there is an internal change that took place and continues to take place daily in our lives.

You don’t have to wait until next spring to reflect on the goodness of God and the sacrifices that were made for us. Let’s make praise a lifestyle when it’s not convenient just as much as when it is.

Just as Jesus arose with all power in His Hand … it’s time for each of us to walk in the power that God has equipped us with. Today is a new day which gives you the opportunity to make a new commitment to be the Man or Woman of God that you were created to be. What a wonderful way to show God how much you truly appreciate the sacrifice He made for each of us.


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