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Grammy Award-Nominee, Billboard Music Award-Nominee, and Stellar Award-Winner, Jekalyn Carr, is in the throes of preparing for her second live recording, which will take place on June 22nd. The recording will take place at Brown Baptist Church in Southaven, MS, which is just a stone’s throw away from her native hometown of Memphis, TN.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD is a call for all of God’s people to unite as just that, removing the limitations of race, religion, denomination, organization, locale, gender, or class. With this new release, Carr addresses how God desires to see His people, and how we should see ourselves – as one united body of believers. God’s love for us all is consistent. The same love, grace, and mercy that He extends to one, He extends to all. From America to Africa, to Russia, to Asia, and all around the world – God’s love is able to reach all and cover all.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD will be Carr’s second live recording, and comes on the heels of its sole predecessor, the popular and widely celebrated The Life Project, which has been considered by many as Carr’s coming-of-age release. The live setting set the perfect stage upon which Carr could seamlessly blend her music and her inimitable, dynamic ministry. The powerful scenario resulted in The Life Project becoming her first #1 album, and producing her first #1 single (“You’re Greater”), garnering multiple nominations for The Stellar Awards, and her first nominations for both the Grammy Awards and the Billboard Music Awards.


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