Cora Jakes Coleman and husband Richard Coleman celebrated their six-year wedding anniversary earlier in the week.   In a transparent Instagram post, the Potter’s House of Dallas children’s ministry director revealed the “prayer for my husband, ” she said to God prior to meeting and marrying the man of her dreams. Check it out

Check out the prayer:

God I am not worthy to ask you of anything. Thank you for having an ear to hear me inspite of what I am guilty of. Thank you for healing me and accepting me and my mess. God please help me not to point my favor in the wrong direction. God help me to stop giving my body to men that only value my body, but not my mind or spirit. Help me to stop falling for my will and not submitting to yours.

She continued,

I just want to be loved really loved. I’m tired of being hurt over and over again. God I want love unconditionally. God I‘m tired of people betraying me and taking advantage of me. Please send me someone to protect me. Help me to submit to you God so that I can be found spirit first by the man who is called by you to love me. God cause my spirit to feel peace when I meet him Amen. 

Cora and Richard are the parents to daughter Amauri and son Jason, aka “Tuga” “Tuga.”

Pic Credit: Cora Jakes Coleman IG

source: FirstLadyB

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