Man in U.S. Marine Corps uniform saluting American flag

Source: Comstock / Getty

All across America, people will show their love for America flying Old Glory. But did you know there are official rules with displaying the American flag?

While violating federal flag codes do not carry any penalties, you should know how to properly display it.

1. You can display the flag sunrise to sunset. If a flag is flown at night, it must be lit. Do not fly the flag in inclement weather.

2. If you are flying the flag from your porch or home, the union of the flag (the blue section with the stars) should be first from the building.

3. When the flag is on a flat surface such as a wall or window, the union should always be on the observer’s left.

4. The flag should be suspended vertically when flown on the street with the union to the north on an east and west street or to the east on a north and south street.

5. The flag should NEVER touch anything beneath it. This includes the ground, furniture or other flags.

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