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via BCNN1:

If you ever get a chance to tour Akron, Ohio, with AkRON, they might show you the tree-lined street Savannah grew up on with her parents, and the low-income housing where LeBron lived with his mom. Probably they’ll point out St. Vincent–St. Mary, LeBron’s high school, where a tourist or two shows up every couple of days hoping for a peek at the gym that the four-time NBA MVP started out at, and that the LeBron James Family Foundation renovated. Also on the tour, Savannah’s high school, where Savannah was a cheerleader and still, in a way, is a cheerleader today.

And if you wind up back at their beautiful, expansive, Frank Lloyd Wright–style edge-of-Akron home, you’ll get to hear Savannah, who is warm and friendly and smiles a big smile as she nudges her husband, tell the story of their first date.

“He met me!” she says, teasing. “I didn’t meet him

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