Halloween in Slovakia

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via BCNN1:

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again, when spiritual battle lines are drawn, friends open up to other friends in secret, hoping they won’t judge them for what they’re planning to do, and the kids aren’t exactly sure what to think because they just want candy and don’t really care where it comes from. I’m talking, of course, about Halloween.

All across America, Christians will be faced with a decision to make at the end of October, and while many won’t give a second thought, a good many others will have some internal angst about what to do. Which door will you choose? The church “harvest party” or traditional trick-or-treating with your kids? The harvest party, of course, is designed as a safe, spiritually sterile alternative to traditional Halloween that many churches will put on because, let’s face it, the kids must have their candy.

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