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Curious whether exercise, tattoos and piercings, or trendy foods are safe during pregnancy? Our experts, Twin Doctors TV’s very own Dr. Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman, are here to separate the truth from what’s false.

It’s okay to eat sushi.


By and large it is not safe to eat sushi during pregnancy. “The main concerns with sushi are the fact that most types are uncooked which increases the risk of exposure to potentially harmful bacteria. Also, the fact that most (but not all) types of sushi are high in mercury. Mercury exposure during pregnancy increases the risk of brain damage as well as hearing and vision loss,” explains Dr. Idries.

Gel manicures are a go.


“With one exception, it is safe to use gel manicures during pregnancy,” says Dr. Idries. “There is a specific type of gel manicure that uses MMA (methyl methacrylate liquid monomer), and these should be avoided by all women (especially pregnant women) and have been banned in the US. The issue with gel manicures, however, is the removal. Gel manicures require acetone for removal, same as any nail polish, but the gel manicure requires prolonged exposure and immersion in the acetone which should be avoided during pregnancy.”

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