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Gospel artist Ted Winn recently released his brand new album “Stand in Awe.”  The set entered Billboard’s Gospel album chart at No. 6. Winn, formerly half of the Gospel duo Ted & Sherry, earned his solo second Top Gospel Albums solo appearance, following 2009’s Balance, which reached at No. 23.  The  new album features special guests Hezekiah Walker and Lisa Knowles and includes his beautiful title track “Stand in Awe.”

In recent times, Ted Winn has really stepped forward and used his voice and music to raise consciousnes and to fight for Social Justice. He is doing it at a time where are is an increasing divide in the country and their is a  void of Gopel artists using their platform to address critical issues.

Q: Ted, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let’s start with yourself, how did you first feel God’s call to sing for him?

I always loved music. Growing up I listened to it, I learned to play and I focused on being a better singer. As I started singing in church as a young child and seeing the response that it had on other people and the response it had on me, I felt a connection to expressing my gratitude, my concerns, my prayers and my assessment of humanity and mankind through music and through song. I feel like it is a gift that God gave me in order to express how I feel about music and to convey messages that other people can be impacted by.

Q: You have a passion for social justice.  Why do you think it’s missing in Gospel music these days?

I think that it is missing in large part because people have romanticized about where we are as a country and as a group of people, those of us that live in a marginalized space. I think for the micro accomplishments that have been made, there is still so much to be done. Because of the trappings of “success” – the cars and houses and people of color being able to do well for themselves- the narrative has changed. Whereas church and Gospel music going back to the civil rights movement has been a huge part of the social justice fight, that has kind of been eroded by how people have romanticized where we are.

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