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We have all experienced that feeling of “what the fudge,” when we spy our first gray hair. For me, it happened in my prime – 21-years-young. Needless to say, many women have begun to ditch the hair dye and embrace their NOW signature silver strands. Others, however, find themselves emotionally fraught – frantically picking and plucking in an effort to hold tight to their sense of youth.

Sure, science says that going gray is primarily genetic. For example, in 2016, researchers tracked down the first gene linked to gray hair, suggesting that some men and women are simply born with an inherited tendency to go gray prematurely.

“We have found the first genetic association to hair greying, which could provide a good model to understand aspects of the biology of human ageing,” explained Professor Andreas Ruiz-Linares of University College London, who led the study published in Nature Communications.

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