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#1 Read books instead: When you stop the incessant social media surfing, you will

need to replace that daily habit with something else. Otherwise, you’ll slip back into that

same pattern. One of the things I did was read more books. I chose inspirational, non-

fiction works to help me improve. What you read is up to you. Make your own reading list

and start feeding your heart, mind and spirit something healthy to help you evolve.

#2 Work on completing at least one personal goal: There are many things we all

say we want or need to do. But often, we never do them. When you reduce your online

activity, you free up space to get busy completing your personal goals. Choose at least

one you have. Maybe you want to exercise more; get involved with a community

organization; be more active at church; grow your business; start one; write your book;

or launch something new and exciting. This is your big chance. Take it!

#3 Be an inspiration: Who told you your life cannot inspire? That doesn’t mean

posting 1000 selfies, pretending to be something you’re not for clicks, or being

braggadocios. How about sharing scriptures, motivational quotes, and self-improvement

tips? Why not brighten someone’s day with uplifting articles? Who knows? You might

feel led to blog or post motivational videos. Think of how incredible it would feel to

become a motivator. Lots of others do it. Why not you?

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