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When gospel singer Kierra Sheard asked her mother and fellow gospel vocalist, Karen Clark

Sheard, “Was I planned or was I a surprise?” she wasn’t expecting the answer she got.

Though her GRAMMY® Award-winning mom did, in fact, plan her only daughter’s birth, what

she didn’t plan was the stillbirth that came before welcoming her bouncing baby girl.

“Actually, you were planned, because I had a stillborn before you and of course, I was kind of

discouraged,” responded the member of the legendary Clark Sisters—a revelation that

seemingly left Kierra bowled over.

“You went through a whole pregnancy?” the “Indescribable” singer asked during car-ride

footage uploaded on her YouTube channel as part of her “Katching Kierra” vlog series.

“I went through nine months. I carried the baby for nine months,” confirmed the Karew Records

co-founder, who was informed at eight months that the baby had expired in her womb.

Karen explained to Kierra, who had a glazed over look, that, “Doctors told me we want you to

try to continue with carrying the baby.” According to her medical team, taking the baby “would

be unsafe.

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