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A family in mourning is still demanding answers. One week after a deadly fire on Cleveland’s east side, family members want to know why their loved ones are gone.

It was the deadliest fire in Cleveland since 2009. On Tuesday, January 30, four family members were killed in a fire on Hillview Avenue. The youngest victim just a three-year-old boy.

“For any of those who have anything negative to say, you have no idea what my mother is living with,” said Latisha Spencer Tuesday at a vigil to honor her family.

Spencer’s father, 46-year-old Alfonso Lathan Jr., perished in the fire. The blaze also took her three-year-old brother, Alfonso Lathan III, and her niece, 8-year-old Anyiah Lampkins.

Her mother, Gianna Lathan, 44, was the only survivor. She jumped from the home’s second story window.

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