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via BlackAmericaWeb:

In the wake of Temptations’ frontman Dennis Edwards death, new abuse allegations have emerged against his wife, St. Louis Dispatch reports.

The 74-year-old died February 1st after complications with meningitis, but adult protective services investigators claim he was physically assaulted before his death by his wife, Brenda.

Details of the report claim Brenda attempted to suffocate Dennis by “holding his head facedown in bed,” and accused Brenda of taking his hearing aids out when he was “bed bound and immobile.”

Before Dennis’ death, an emergency protective order was granted against Brenda on Jan. 18th. Once Dennis passed, the order barring Brenda to have contact with him was cancelled.

In a statement, Brenda denied wrongdoing.  “I loved Dennis, and we were married for 18 years,” she said. “I would have never done anything to harm him. These allegations are false and defamatory and will be proven as such. Until this is all over, I have no further comment.”

The Chicago police confirmed that there is an open criminal investigation regarding the accusations.


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