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Image result for Kelly remains in the eye of the White House storm

via CNN:

Kelly remains in the eye of the White House storm:

The more frantically the White House tries to extricate itself from the Rob Porter scandal, the deeper it digs into a political hole.

Eight days in, it’s beginning to look like the storm set off by the surfacing of allegations by two ex-wives of the former presidential aide will never abate, absent a decisive intervention by President Donald Trump in moment of accountability and self-criticism that seems alien to this White House.
On a day of shifting explanations and damaging revelations Tuesday, pressure built inexorably on chief of staff John Kelly, who presides over a West Wing flailing amid farcical crisis management and an inability to take a moral stand.
Trenton Lewis was gifted a 2006 Saturn Ion after his co-workers discovered he'd been walking 11 miles to work each day.

A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day — until his co-workers found out:

Trenton Lewis’ legs ached from the 11-mile walk he made every morning to get to his 4 a.m. shift. And yet the 21-year-old dutifully did it for seven long months.

He didn’t tell anyone. He’s never been one for excuses — especially when it comes to providing for his 14-month-old daughter, Karmen.
“My pride is strong,” he told CNN. “Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”
But his co-workers at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out. And last week, they decided to make things right.
They asked Lewis to come to a brief union meeting.
When he showed up, his stoic face gave way to disbelief and then a grateful smile as his coworkers handed him keys to a new car.
“I was emotionally moved. My heart just fell,” the young worker recalled.
Venus Et Fleur pink roses
These Valentine’s Day roses cost $39 each but last an entire year:

You can say just about anything with flowers, but sending a limp bouquet to your Valentine might make the wrong impression.

After Seema Bansal’s boyfriend ordered what turned out to be a disappointing Valentine’s delivery for her one year, the New York-based couple had a business idea.

Bansal, a Canadian, and her American partner, Sunny Chadha, founded Venus Et Fleur, a flower company that specializes in boxed roses that it says last an entire year.

The couple, both of whom are in their 20s, worked with a farm in Ecuador to develop a wax-based solution that can preserve each rose’s texture, shape and even some of its scent

Bill Pendergast was presented with his lottery winnings on Friday.

Couple who lost home in wildfire wins million-dollar lotto:

Bill Pendergast has spent the last two years rebuilding his home, which burnt down when a wildfire raged through Fort McMurray, Alberta. Now, he is $1 million richer and able to finish restoring his family home thanks to the Atlantic Lotto.

Pendergast, 50, bought the $3 Lotto 6/49 ticket earlier this month when he stopped at the local convenience store in Newfoundland and Labrador on the way to visit his ill father.
“Dad called and asked me to stop on my way back to the hospital and pick him up a cold 7-Up,” said Pendergast in a statement from the Atlantic Lottery.
He didn’t think much about the ticket he bought until the next day when he was awakened by his aunt, who was in a frenzy.

Image result for Judge awards $6.7 million to graffiti artists whose work was destroyed to build condos

Judge awards $6.7 million to graffiti artists whose work was destroyed to build condos:

A federal judge has awarded $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists after their works were destroyed in 2013 at the 5Pointz complex in Queens, New York, to make room for luxury condominiums.

US District Court Judge Frederic Block made the award Monday after a jury ruled in November that Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the buildings that comprised 5Pointz, violated the artists’ rights under federal law.
Eric Baum, an attorney for the artists, told CNN that the decision is “a triumph for artists all around the country.”
“The cultural significance of 5Pointz and the value of the aerosol art created by the 21 plaintiffs has been recognized as fine art. It is now clear that the federal law protects the dignity of the artist and ensures that their artwork is treated respectfully,” Baum said.
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