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Making the change seems like a farfetched idea to most. However, as a black woman, taking extra precaution in your beauty regimen may be a matter of life or death. Deep, I know. But hear me out…

The ugly truth is, we are unknowingly exposed to toxins and chemicals each and every day. It’s simply a part of life and living on earth. However, what about our makeup, haircare, and skincare? We can blatantly see the chemicals each is made with on the label, so why aren’t we paying attention? Why are we putting so much emphases on alcohol drinking limits, but never considering those same limits for our hair, skin, and nails?

Every single thing, little to big, that makes up our bodies, are living entities and should always be cared for in the highest regard.

Curious as to what it takes to make the switch? Check out these 5 real tips for navigating your way to a more holistic and conscious beauty regimen:

1. Start Reading Ingredients 

No one is saying to throw out your favorite MAC palette today. However, what I would suggest for starters is to simply turn your palette to the back and read. Go through each and

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