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Christian singer Jason Crabb teamed up with legendary disco queen Gloria Gaynor on his new single “One Day” from his newly released ” Unexpected.”
Crabb told the Christian Post during an interview that he and Gaynor (whom he co-wrote the single with) met on Twitter.

“I was on my way to NYC to sing at Carnegie Hall and my publicist called me and said ‘Gloria Gaynor is liking and retweeting a lot of your tweets. You should reach out to her and invite her to the concert.’ I didn’t think it was really her. Everyone who’s in the public eye gets impersonated on all kinds of social media. And he said, ‘It’s really her! She’s got a blue check and that means she is verified, she’s real.’ So, I invited her to Carnegie Hall that night and she said yes. Well, when she got there, we just started singing around a piano in my dressing room. When we got through, I looked at her and asked ‘will you sing that with me tonight?’ I invited called her up out of the crowd and that place went nuts. It was so cool!” Crabb told The Christian Post of the memorable moment.”

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