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As faith-based films continue to have box office success, such as the $40 million earned by “I Can Only Imagine,” Christians who work in the entertainment industry tell The Christian Post that movies might be the future method of spreading the Gospel.

2017 saw a number of top-grossing movies, such as “The Shack” ($57,386,418), “The Star” ($38,641,925), and “The Case for Christ” ($14,682,684), just to name a few.

Sharing the Gospel message through faith-based films is proving to be popular, and some pastors and ministries are using it to help them reach people for Christ.

In 2014, The Christian Post reported that media and filmmaking experts in Los Angeles had invited pastors to attend the 168 Film Festival where they were encouraged to become participants rather than combatants of the Hollywood entertainment industry, especially since faith-based films have been performing well at the box office.

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