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Erica Campbell, of award-winning gospel duo Mary Mary, and her syndicated radio show, Get Up Erica!, says you have to take care of yourself no matter what. If you don’t, your body suffers and then the people around you, like your family, end up suffering as well.

It’s no secret that both members of Mary Mary have struggled with their weight over time. The ladies are each busy working mothers, on the road a lot, and having babies in later stages of life, when women’s metabolism slows.

In 2015, the gospel singer raised eyebrows when she released a promo picture of herself wearing silky straight tresses and a white dress that highlighted her bodacious body. Several social media users blasted the Christian star for looking “too sexy” to sing for the Lord and questioned the judgement of her styling team.

“Every time people talk about the backlash of the white dress I go, ‘what in the world?!’ ” Erica recently told rolling out. “Yes I have curves that I didn’t give to myself and I didn’t buy; you would have to talk to God about that.”

But she should be proud of the body she has been given. She’s worked hard for it.

Addressing her own struggle with health, specifically high blood pressure and being told that she could have a stroke if she didn’t slow down and take care of herself, Erica says “If you are not healthy, then you’re not going to achieve anything anyway.”

“Most women are used to operating with a little pain or some kind of ache and we just keep it moving because we’re. mothers or business women or you’re in school trying to achieve something, so you just keep going. If you are not healthy then you’re not going to achieve anything anyway. If I have to stop to make sure that I am healthy, then that’s what I’m going to do,” she shared honestly.

Though Erica Campbell, the famous singer, songwriter, and reality TV star is always in the spotlight, she says…

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