via  EEWMagazine/Article By Chantel Davis:

Our phones are ever-present. The notifications are endless. Photos and videos compete for our attention. Distractions on social media are numerous. If you don’t watch yourself, you’ll be addicted to posting and reading status updates.

Gospel singer Kierra Sheard, 30, is opening up about a time in the not-too-distant past when she let her online activity consume too much of her time and shares how a break for social media (as well as a change-up in her diet) helped her put things in perspective.

“One week I had taken a long break from social media and meats. I noticed how much I naturally go to these things as if it was a part of my breathing pattern,” she writes in a blog post.

“While removing these two things, I was able to see how I very often can be stuck in a room, living on my phone with social media not paying attention to pertinent moments around me. Interestingly, these things came as second nature to me. While removing this from my regimen, I began spending time with my loved ones a bit more. Noticing more about them. Hearing them say things that someone should hear in order to know what to pray for.”

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