Jada Pinkett Smith is continuing to be extremely open and vulnerable during her hit Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. 

Monday’s new episode features Jada and husband Will Smith’s son, 19-year-old Jaden Smith, as well as the show’s recurring guests, their 17-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, and Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. During the chat, Willow and Jaden bluntly open up about being raised by Will and Jada, and share some of the issues they’ve had to deal with in their famous family. Willow candidly tells Jada that she was upset with the way she and Will handled her after the success of her 2010 hit, “Whip My Hair.”

“I only have one terrible experience, which is ‘Whip My Hair,'” Willow says when asked about the times she had difficulty connecting to her famous parents. “Just that the values of the people around me should have been the opposite. You and daddy should have been like, ‘OK, we value her musical growth and knowledge more than her popularity.'”

“Not just so much about a hit record,” Jaden adds, noting that he went through a similar struggle after starring in 2010’s The Karate Kid.

Jada explains that her and Will’s attitude came from their own drastically different childhoods, where they had to fight for everything. The actress says she grew up in a violent neighborhood and also used to sell drugs, and that Will also grew up with a “lot of abuse.”

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