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Discerning people already know that Tyler Perry was called to preach far before he revealed that God called him to preach in his late teen years. (By the way, God has called many young men around that age to preach.) Contrary to his pastor’s discouraging remark, Pastor Perry preached a meaningful Bible message that would encourage and bless the heart of any Christian and actually point unbelievers to Jesus Christ. Here is what he said:

There’s a little bit about me you may not know ’cause everybody knows Madea, the plays and a bunch of other stuff but you may not know that when I was in my late teens, early 20s I went to seminary school. I was a minister in my church. I actually preached and prayed for people.

And I remember doing my first sermon and the pastor got up after I was finished. It was so bad all he could say was ‘if God called you, he’ll qualify you.’ So I prayed and I said ‘God what is that about.’

And the Lord’s voice spoke to me and said ‘your ministry won’t be in a pulpit.’ I said ‘Oh, Thank God.’ But through television and films. And even though sometimes, I’d do movies that are not Christian movies, I am still a Christian but I’m also an artist who wants to do a lot of things.

Perry’s message was based on Genesis 22: 1-14, where God asked Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice in a test of his faith. He shared from the perspective of Isaac who was no doubt anxious as he saw the sacrifice being set up.

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